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Plan your next career move, accurately matched to your Personality, interests, Abilities and career goals through our comprehensive 5-dimensional assessment.

Comprehensive Career Counselling For Professionals

Comprehensive Career Counselling For Students

Explore and Find out your Most Suitable Career Path Out of 18 Career Clusters, 150 + Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations

Career Counselling For Students

  1. Five critical factors while making career choices are:

  • Individuals interests
  • Career Values
  • Personality
  • Learning Style
  • Skills & Abilities

  2. Career counseling helps to identify these five critical factors and  

      help the individual choose the right career path through:

  • Comprehensive Career Test
  • Career Counselling by Expert Counsellor
  • Comprehensive Career Report

From the past few decades, there has been an increasing trend of quitting jobs midway. The reason, in most cases, have turned out to be lack of Job Satisfaction as a result of uninformed career choices made.

Besides, the rising exasperation with every wrong choices made further evokes the desire to seek redressal. When somebody is stuck in a dead-end career, call for the structured and unbiased outlook of a trained career counsellor. People who can help others navigate crossroads in their lives by logical evaluation of scenario.

Career Counselling for Professionals

We have helped hundreds of senior professionals create their career roadmap and reinvent careers. To find their strengths, make big career changes, follow their passion, find clarity & develop confidence, and most importantly find their happiness and fulfillment.

CONQUER THE SUCCESS is a unique program that helps you to have a SUCCESSFUL & HAPPY life. “SUCCESS” & “HAPPINESS” are like two wings of the bird called LIFE. If both the wings of the bird are healthy, it knows no boundaries and flies to the infinite dimensions of the open sky. Likewise an individual who is Successful & Happy in his life, he can be an effective Entrepreneur, Corporate Employee, Student or a Teacher. He can be a good colleague, spouse, parent, child, neighbour and a friend. Celebration, joy and enjoyment will become an essential ingredient in life. As more and more people become successful & happy, they shall collectively make the successful & growing organizations and businesses. They shall make the cordial & caring families. They shall make happy & conducive societies.

About Us

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About Counsellor

  • Dr. Pankaj Gupta is Success & Happiness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Behavior Therapist having over 24 years of experience. He has designed over 75 training programs for Corporate, Entrepreneurs, School & College Students, Teachers, Parents and Couples.
  • Regular speaker on TV.
  • Motivational speaker on various forums like FM Firemud, Rotary, NGOs.
  • Keynote speaker on “New Approach to Education System” in Texila American University.
  • Regularly Writing on Success & Happiness in various Hindi & English magazines.
  • Conceptualized & Designed CONQUER THE SUCCESS program to become Successful together with Healthy Body, Sharp Intellect, Positive Emotions, Cordial Relations & life full of happiness, joy & celebration. Similar program is designed for TEENAGERS i.e TURNKEY TO SUCCESS.
  • Conceptualized & Designed a special program for academic excellence SCORE MORE FOR SURE.
  • Certified Six Sigma Expert.

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Conquer The Success

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